Coffee Branding Inspiration and Ideas

After launching and helping numerous coffee businesses I thought it may be a good idea to share some of the cool designs and branding that I come across daily in the coffee industry. 

There is far more to successful coffee branding than a fancy logo and every business on the list will have put hours and days worth of time into bringing their coffee brand to life.

I hope some of the coffee brands help you draw inspiration for your own business and help you piece together your own coffee branding puzzle. 

If you are just starting off and your new coffee brand is still an idea check out some of our guides such as How to create a slogan for your coffee brand or How to pick a name for your coffee brand.

Proud Mary Coffee

Be Different

Proud Mary do things a little differently and that is why they are on of the most successful indy coffee brands in the world. 

Their use of colours and quirky imagery helps differentiate them from the rest.

Who Are Proud Mary?

Proud Mary Coffee Roasters was established by Nolan and Shari Hirte in 2009, with the aim of providing exceptional coffee and improving the start of people’s day.

The Melbourne, Australia-based company has since been dedicated to quality and innovation in the coffee industry, offering a range of products and services to coffee enthusiasts.

Sey Coffee

Simplicity Can Work

Sometimes it’s not about big bold colours with your branding plastered all over everything you showcase.

Sey do a great job of minimal, sleek and clean branding. Their coffee just screams quality and that’s exactly what it is. 

Who Are Sey?

Sey Coffee is a contemporary micro-roastery based in Brooklyn, New York, known for its pursuit of offering a selection of the finest, most dynamic, and complex coffees.

The company places a strong emphasis on quality and has carved out a reputation for its beautiful coffee offerings.

Sey Coffee operates a café that is open to the public, providing a space where customers can enjoy their meticulously sourced and roasted beans.

Conscious Coffee

Display Your Values

Conscious Coffee do an incredible job in the UK coffee industry (infact not just in the UK) by nurturing direct trade relationships they have at origin. 

This comes through in their branding. 

If you are creating a coffee brand and have some pretty strong values around a certain area, why not depict these in your branding

Who Are Conscious?

Conscious Coffee is a UK-based coffee brand that is dedicated to providing ethically sourced and environmentally friendly coffees.

The company prides itself on its commitment to sustainability and the promotion of fair trade practices.

Conscious Coffee sources its beans from small-scale farmers around the world but mainly Peru, ensuring that these producers are paid a fair wage for their labor and that their farming methods are environmentally sustainable.

Stumptown Coffee

Consistently Inconsistent

Your branding and packaging doesn’t always have to look exactly the same. 

Stumptown Coffee roasters do an incredible job in their coffee branding by completely changing the look of some of their coffee products while still maintaining their branding style.

Who Are Stumptown?

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is a coffee roaster and retailer with a rich history that dates back to its founding in Portland, Oregon, in 1999.

Stumptown has built a reputation for its high-quality, direct trade coffee and has been a pioneer in the third-wave coffee movement, which emphasizes artisanal production and close relationships with coffee producers.

Metric Coffee

Show Off Your Product

Whether you’re selling coffee beans, pods, equipment, tshirts, coffee scented candles, whatever. 

It’s always good to show off your raw product so the customers can see what they’re buying. 

Coffee beans are a little bit of an awkward one though as they are pretty un-photogenic (believe me I’ve tried every angle). 

Metric do a great job by using semi-transparent bags to showcase their coffee beans.

Who Are Metric?

Metric Coffee Roasters is a Chicago-based coffee company with a commitment to delivering exceptional flavour and a unique coffee experience.

They value the human element in their work, recognizing that each individual, from farmer to barista, contributes to the overall coffee experience. 

Metric roasts its coffee on vintage machinery, specifically a Probat UG15 and a Probat P25.


Go Get Em Tiger

Go Get Em Tiger

Subtle Reminders Of Quality

You don’t have to stuff your website, socials or packaging with salesy keywords about how good your coffee is. 

You can sometime just leave a small ‘fresh roasted’ at the bottom of your retail bag to subtly remind your customers how good your coffee is. 

Who Are GGET?

Go Get Em Tiger (GGET) is a Los Angeles-based coffee company known for its distinctive approach to coffee and community. 

GGET’s ethos is centred around the joy of coffee and the belief that a great coffee experience is about more than just the beverage—it’s about the people, the place, and the moment. 

Pista Coffee Roasters

Pista Coffee Roasters

Celebrate The Origin

By using certain colours for your coffee brand or different coffee imagery you can showcase the particular origin of the coffee or even (as is the case with Pista) the fact that the origin is a coffee cherry grown on a coffee plant. 

Who Are Pista?

Café Pista is a Montreal-based coffee company that emerged from a deep passion for coffee, cycling, and design.

The story of Café Pista began with a coffee trike, which laid the foundation for the brand’s commitment to sustainability and community engagement.

This mobile coffee cart allowed the founders to share their love for quality coffee directly with people, all while emphasising the importance of eco-friendly practices.

Hola Coffee

Hola Coffee

Market En Route

If you are a coffee brand that distributes products into the big wide world via postal services or couriers then make sure your customers neighbours know they’re enjoying your incredible coffee product. 

Hola do a great job of this, there’s absolutely no doubt what people are receiving when one of these land on the door mat. 

Who Are Hola?

Hola Coffee is the brainchild of Pablo and Nolo, two friends who, in 2016, channeled their extensive experience in various sectors of the coffee industry into their own venture.

Their shared vision of specialty coffee and the vibrant community it fosters is the cornerstone of Hola Coffee.

Over the years, the company has grown from the shared dream of two coffee aficionados into a renowned brand within and beyond Madrid, known for its exceptional quality and service, delivered by a dedicated team of professionals.

Lot61 Coffee

Lot 61 Coffee

Number Each Bag/Blend/Single O

If you have a few different options for customers to purchase, whether it’s coffee beans, pods or a particular piece of coffee equipment then make it easier for people to distinguish by numbering them.

It also looks pretty sharp as you can see what Lot61 have done with their mainstay blends and decafs. 

Who Are Lot61?

LOT61 Coffee Roasters is an Amsterdam-based coffee roastery, having been born in Sydney, raised in Brooklyn, and now roasting in Amsterdam since 2003.

They have established themselves as a significant player in the coffee scene, serving friends and customers with a dedication to quality and a passion for the craft of coffee.

LOT61 takes pride in its roasting process, which is driven by a commitment to bringing out the best in every bean.

Calendar Coffee

Have Fun

The coffee industry (especially the specialty industry) is a pretty creative space. So why not show off your creativity and have a little bit of fun on the way. 

Calendar have some amazing branding and their imagery always brings a smile to my face.

Who Are Calendar Coffee?

Calendar Coffee, established in 2018 by Zarah Lawless and Daniel Boobier, is a testament to the founders’ shared passion and over two decades of collective experience in the coffee industry.

Their aspiration was to create a roastery that focuses on the types of coffee they enjoy most, celebrating the beverage as the seasonal delight that it is, which also inspired the company’s name.

Their goal extends beyond crafting excellent coffee; it involves honoring the remarkable individuals and communities behind each bean.

Zarah and Daniel, who first crossed paths while working at Workshop Coffee in London, brought their roasting expertise to Calendar Coffee.

However, venturing into the sourcing of raw, green coffee opened their eyes to the precarious situation of coffee producers, the looming threat of climate change, and the critical issue of fair pricing within the industry.

Through transparency and education, they aim to spur a movement towards more ethical and sustainable practices in the industry.

Groundstate Coffee

Groundstate Coffee

Befriend An Artist

Good coffee and good artistry goes hand in hand. I would class myself as moderately creative (meaning I’ll give it a go, but most of the time a four year old could produce something similar).

Whether you know an artist or you hire one, it makes a great collab on a coffee bag.

Who Are Groundstate Coffee?

Groundstate Coffee Roasters finds its home in the historic Liberties area of Dublin 8, where it stands as a distinctive café roastery brought to life by the enthusiasm and dedication of its founders, Andy and Mark.

Merging the meticulous attention to detail of a scientist with the tranquility of a yogi, they set out to create a genuine and sustainable coffee experience in the heart of Dublin.

Their commitment to quality and authenticity shines through in every aspect of Groundstate.

Playground Coffee

Use Different Packaging

Coffee doesn’t always have to come in a bag! It can arrive on your doorstep in these pretty funky looking coffee boxes. 

They remind me of an oldschool chocolate treat from childhood (Cadbury’s Animals if you’re asking). They also look amazing sold as a retail product in shops. 

Who Are Playground Coffee?

Playground Coffee has been a coffee business centred around love and passion in the heart of Hamburg since its inception in 2014.

What began as a modest venture within the welcoming confines of a local burger joint has blossomed into our most cherished endeavor.

Nestled in the vibrant district of St. Pauli in Hamburg, Palground is a hub where countless guests are treated to expertly brewed coffee specialties each day. 

Coffee Supreme

Products That People Share

Produce something that people will not only share physically but also online via socials. 

The ‘Love You Mum’ coffee from Coffee Supreme is a great gift for any Mums out there but you can also see something like this going viral. 

Who Are Coffee Supreme?

Coffee Supreme is a coffee company that has grown from a small, versatile team into a collective of world-class coffee professionals.

Established with a deep-seated passion for coffee, Coffee Supreme has been sourcing and roasting premium coffee for its dedicated clientele.

The company prides itself on its independence and New Zealand ownership, with founders Chris and Maggie still at the helm.

With a focus on quality and a drive to deliver a superior coffee experience, Coffee Supreme has cemented its place in the coffee industry.

They have continually evolved, embracing both the art and science of coffee making to ensure that every cup they serve meets their high standards.

Coffee Supreme’s commitment goes beyond just crafting the perfect brew; they aim to foster a sense of community and connection through their coffee.

Andy Coffee Roasters

Easy Branding That Is Unique and Easy To Replicate

The bold checks remind me of a diner but also now Andy Coffee Roasters. 

Pretty easy to produce, yet really stand out and are easy to replicate across any platform.

Who Are Andy Coffee Roasters?

Andy Coffee Roasters embodies a philosophy rather than a persona, celebrating the beauty in the mundane, particularly in the daily ritual of drinking coffee.

The team at Andy strives to elevate the appreciation for coffee, revealing its true character as a marvel of flavour to a broader coffee audience.

The inaugural Andy Blend is crafted to be user-friendly, offering a forgiving brewing experience while adhering to the company’s preference for light roasts. 

Copenhagen Coffee Lab

Copenhagen Coffee Lab

Find Your Niche

Copenhagen Coffee Lab are pretty ahead of the game in many things and their branding is no different. 

The use of elemental style lettering to distinguish between their Single Os is really cool. If you have a sub-niche of coffee or you have a collaboration of coffee with another niche certainly play on that. 

Who Are Copenhagen Coffee Lab?

Copenhagen Coffee Lab is a coffee company that hails from Denmark, boasting a comprehensive experience with its own roastery, bakeries, and a network of cafés spread across Germany, France, Portugal, and its homeland in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Coffee Lab represents a harmonious blend, not a compromise, between coffee, bread, and pastries.

The essence of the brand is rooted in the exceptional quality of its offerings. 

Timely Coffee

Play With Fonts

Fonts can really grab the attention of any potential customer. 

Experiment with the coffee fonts that you have chosen and mix it up a bit. Who says you have to read from left to right?

Who Are Timely Coffee?

Timely Coffee Roasters is an Australian-based specialty coffee roastery that have been in the game since 2017.

Lilo Coffee Roasters

Lilo Coffee Roasters

Flavour Profiles

If you are producing some pretty complex coffees and have al sorts of flavour profiles in your coffee why not display them on the packaging?

Flavour notes are of subjective of course but you can hint at what the coffee in the bag is all about. 

Who Are Lilo Coffee Roasters?

Lilo Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roastery based in Osaka, Japan.

Mission Coffee Works

Mission Coffee Works

Use Video

When finding your brand voice in the coffee industry you can of course showcase your incredible branding on socials with captions. However if you are really creative (or know a videographer) why not showcase your coffee brand through video. 

Mission have a short video as you enter their website that really draws you in.

Who Are Mission Coffee Works?

Mission Coffee Works sprang from a passion to supply top-tier coffee beans to enthusiasts and ensure they’re equipped with the brewing know-how.

The journey began in 2012 with a humble street van in Peckham, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee first delighted passersby.

Eventually, the focus shifted from street-side service to mastery over the beans themselves.

The transition involved purchasing unroasted, green beans, transforming them with a careful roasting process, and distributing them to a wide array of coffee lovers, from cafés and hotels to homes and offices across the UK and Europe.

The exceptional beans provided by Mission Coffee Works are the result of a collaborative effort that extends far beyond their roastery.

Repository Coffee Roasters

Repository Coffee

Be Bold

Whether it’s your coffee logo or the colours you have chosen for you coffee brand be bold. 

Although there are a few brands that use big and bold colours in the specialty coffee scene there is a huge amount of black or white branding out there. 

Who Are Repository Coffee Roasters?

Repository Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roaster based in Saudi Arabia.

Assembly Coffee Roasters

Assembly Coffee
Assembly Coffee Roasters

Think Outside The Box

Assembly do something that I haven’t seen in the coffee industry before and created imagery for their coffee brand as pictured above. 

The artwork depicts the flavour profile of the coffee in the bag with new artwork being produced for each coffee.

Who Are Assembly Coffee Roasters?

Assembly Coffee made its debut in April 2015 as the main sponsor of the first Coffee Masters event at the London Coffee Festival, marking the start of its journey.

With a team of 30, Assembly Coffee is a B-Corp and Carbon Neutral-certified company.

Fuelled by a passion for innovation and its transformative potential, Assembly Coffee actively seeks collaborations that align with its aspiration to be at the forefront of the specialty coffee movement.

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