How to Find Your Audience as a Coffee Brand

It really helps you as a coffee brand if you know your audience. If you can create an audience persona you can market and sell your coffee products much easier by communicating and resonating with the right group of people. 

Coffee drinkers come from an array of backgrounds and sometimes it is hard to really drill down into an audience and define them by a few characteristics. But if you can put your finger on a particular group of attributes that your audience may have it makes it so much easier to visualise who you are talking to when you are writing emails or captions on social posts. 

To find your audience, it’s important to conduct a little market research to gain valuable insights into their preferences, behaviours, and motivations. 

This can be achieved through a combination of techniques analysing industry trends using various platforms. 

Understanding your audience intimately allows you to differentiate your coffee brand and create unique experiences that cater to their specific needs and desires.

Using the insights gathered from your market research, you should then create detailed buyer personas. 

These are fictional representations of your ideal customers, encompassing key demographics, pain points, and triggers that inform their purchasing decisions. 

With clearly defined buyer personas, you can refine your branding, product positioning, and marketing strategy to better connect and engage with your target audience. 

Remember, the coffee industry is highly competitive, so having a strong understanding of your audience can give you a competitive edge.

Your Coffee Brands Target Market

Find Your Customer Persona

First off, let’s have a go at creating your customer persona. This will help you visualise who your customer is and enable you to laser focus your marketing.

A persona should include information about their demographics, psychographics, and preferences. 

By understanding my potential customers’ age, gender, location, and income, I can make informed decisions about my marketing strategy, coffee imagery and product offerings.

Behavioural patterns of my target audience can also provide valuable insights. For instance, I can ask myself questions like, are they daily coffee drinkers or occasional consumers? 

Do they prefer specialty coffee or instant coffee? 

Analysing these aspects can help shape my marketing message and tailor my communication and the coffee brands tone of voice to resonate with my target audience.

How to find your persona?

To find your individual coffee persona there are several tools that I use but some of them will require you to have an audience already, whether that’s on social media or on your blog. 

If you are just starting out, don’t worry there are tools that can help you figure out who your ideal persona is too. 

If you are an existing coffee brand and you have been producing content or selling products for a while then there are a few tools and websites that I’d recommend that you use to find your persona. 

Firstly head to Google Analytics and navigate to: Reports – User – User Attributes – Overview

Here you can find details such as gender, location and interests.

Coffee Brands Audience GA4

If you are already using Facebook and/or Instagram and have started to build an audience on those platforms head over to Meta Business Suite and navigate to Insights – Audience. 

Similar to Google’s audience platform you are able to see who and where your audience is coming from.

Coffee Brand Audience Meta Business Suite

If you are a new brand and don’t have any data yet, no problem. Here a a couple of tools where you are able to enter your competitors websites and create personas from their readers.

Create your Customer Persona

Once you have your list of demographics and preferences of your coffee audience persona, it’s time to bring them to life. 

You should have some data, whether it’s a single set or multiple that you have noted down somewhere. 

Start by taking the average age of your persona. You will usually have a range of ages e.g. 18-24, 25-34 etc. So try to take a guess at a particular age in your range rather than bang smack in the middle (if it is close between 2 age ranges then pick a number that is close to the split). 

Now take a look at the location data and draw from that a popular region or city that a large chunk of your audience is coming from. 

Do the same for Gender and then any other set of data you have

Now head to Canva and create a template (see below).

List all of the attributes of your coffee audience persona and you can even come up with a name and face which will help you visualise who you are selling to. 

Create Coffee Audience Personas

Evolution of your Persona

It’s important to always come back to your audience persona and update the demographics and preferences as your coffee brand evolves. 

Most of the coffee businesses that I have started and worked with have changed their business model at some point and therefore their audience persona may also change. 

As your business grows you will amass more data to be able to pinpoint who your audience persona is and create more efficient marketing campaigns. 

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