How to Create a Slogan for a Coffee Brand

The slogans that I have created for my own coffee brands and others have helped build the brand image while also creating a lasting memory of the coffee brand that customers will associate with you.

A coffee slogan is something that can evolve over time and can change as you grow.

It’s a little heads up to your audience (that may also change or evolve over time) to emphasise that you get them and we’re here for you. 

Creating a slogan for a coffee brand can be an exciting endeavour. 

For me, it all starts with identifying the key characteristics of the brand that sets it apart from the competition. 

A catchy and memorable slogan can help establish an emotional connection with customers and keep them coming back for more.

Analysing Your Coffee Brand 

Core Values

When I created slogans for my coffee brands in the past, the first thing I considered was the brand’s core values. 

What is it that sets my coffee brand apart from others? 

It could be the taste, the roasting process, or a commitment to sustainability if you’re a roaster or customer service, atmosphere or quality of produce if you’re a cafe.

Write these values down under the heading ‘Core Values’

Target Audience

Next, have a think about your target audience. 

Who are you trying to appeal to with your coffee brand and slogan? 

A clear understanding of a target audience can make a coffee slogan more relevant and relatable. 

For example, my target audience could be:

  • Millennials who are ethically conscious
  • Busy professionals who need a quick caffeine fix
  • Discerning coffee drinkers who care about flavour profiles

Again, write these down and don’t be afraid to add in more than one group.

Now under each group try to think of other interests that they may also have. 

  • Millennials who are ethically conscious
    1. Veganism
  • Busy professionals who need a quick caffeine fix
    1. Business
  • Discerning coffee drinkers who care about flavour profiles
    1. Interiors

This helps to align your slogan with their interests and values so you can laser focus your message.

Your Coffee Brand’s Personality

Finally, it’s important to establish your coffee brand’s personality. 

How do you want your brand to be perceived by your target audience? 

This can affect the tone and voice of my slogan. Here’s an example of a table that breaks down different brand personalities.

Coffee Brand Personality when choosing slogan

By understanding your coffee brand’s personality, you can ensure the slogan truly reflects the essence of what the brand is all about.

See also How To Choose Coffee Brand Colours.

Writing Your Coffee Slogan

Clarity is Key

When I’m creating a slogan for a coffee brand, one thing I always keep in mind is that clarity and concision are key. 

People don’t have time to read a lengthy tagline, so make sure to keep it short, yet impactful. 

For example the slogan that I used for Batch Coffee Club ‘Start every morning with world-beating coffee’. It’s short and tells you that every morning you can enjoy fantastic coffee. 

Make it Memorable

The next important aspect in crafting a coffee slogan is to make it memorable. 

I try to think of catchy phrases or play on words, which will stick in people’s minds. 

A slogan should evoke a visual image or feeling, helping customers to associate it with the brand. See How to Create Imagery for a Coffee Brand

For instance, Foundation Coffee Roaster’s slogan: ‘Great Coffee. Consciously Sourced.’ encompasses their passion for quality coffee as well as ethically sourcing their coffee.

Incorporate a Call to Action

Finally, when I’m working on a slogan, I find it useful to incorporate a call to action (CTA). 

This invites customers to engage with the brand or try the product. CTAs can be subtle or direct, but however I choose to incorporate one, I make sure it doesn’t come off as aggressive. 

A great example of a subtle CTA is Coava Coffee Roasters slogan: “Specialty coffee roasted to order & shipped to your door.” You know you can order right now and your coffee will arrive on your doorstep.

In a nutshell, when creating a slogan for a coffee brand, I stick to these three principles:

Coffee Slogan Checklist

By adhering to these guidelines, I’m confident that you can create a unique and enticing slogan, perfectly suited to any coffee brand.

Brainstorming Techniques For Coffee Slogans

When creating a slogan for a coffee brand, it’s essential to use various brainstorming techniques to produce the most effective and memorable result. In this section, I’ll discuss three such techniques: Word Association Games, Visual Imagery, and Collaborative Workshops.

Word Association Games

You must have played word association as a kid or maybe at Uni as a drinking game. 

It’s pretty easy and is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. 

These games allow me to quickly generate a list of words and ideas related to the coffee brand. 

It might be helpful to start by jotting down words that come to mind when thinking about coffee, the brand’s target audience, and the brand’s core values.

Here’s an example list:

  • Fresh
  • Morning
  • Energy
  • Aroma
  • Comfort
  • Bold

Once I’ve got a list of words, I can try rearranging them, combining them or adding adjectives to create potential slogan ideas.

Tip: If you use Google Sheets right click and ‘Define [word]’ to find a synonyms.

Visual Imagery

Another useful technique is to experiment with visual imagery. 

Since many people are visual learners, creating strong mental images related to the coffee brand can be powerful. See also How To Pick a Coffee Brand Name.

I use Canva to create a mood board. Here click ‘element’ in the side menu and search for coffee related terms, then drop graphics or photos that relate to your coffee brand into the template. 

For example, a steaming coffee cup, a coffee bean, or even a cosy café setting.

Next, I can consider these images while brainstorming various slogans to see if any phrases or ideas spring to mind. 

By connecting the visual elements with the words or phrases from the word association games, I can potentially develop an even stronger, more memorable slogan.

Brainstorm for coffee slogan

Use Your Network

Whether you have an existing coffee network or you are just starting out and your only have the odd few coffee drinking friends and family, use them to bounce ideas off.

I wouldn’t take everything as gospel here as some of the ideas that have worked fantastically over the years for me were shot down initially by friends and family so take everything with a pinch of salt.

But it’s good to say the ideas out loud and listen to what ideas other people have when presented with your brand.

Using these techniques, you should be able to effectively develop a catchy and memorable coffee tagline that leaves a lasting impression on your target audience.

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